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“The Moon Society seeks to inspire and involve people all over the world in the continued study and exploration of the Moon with the goal of accelerating the day when there will be civilian settlements on the Moon, making use of local resources through private enterprise both to support the pioneers themselves and to help alleviate Earth’s stubborn energy and environmental problems”.

Member since June 20, 2018 

Name:  The Moon Society


The Moon Society is one of the still active, Luna-focused non-profits. There aren’t many left. They’ve accomplished quite a bit for such a small organization. The Society doesn’t design, build, or purchase hardware. Their purpose is to “remove obstacles” and “lay foundations”. Past and current projects lean towards public outreach and education. They also state an interest in financially supporting approved scientific research. The Moon Society could become a powerhouse with the right conditions, an active member base, and a bit of luck.



“Our Mission is to inspire and involve people everywhere, and from all walks of life, in the effort to create an expanded Earth-Moon economy that will contribute solutions to the major problems that continue to challenge our home world. Briefly, we seek to address these goals through education, outreach to young people and to people in general, contests and competitions, workshops, ground level research and technology experiments, private entrepreneurial ventures, moonbase simulation exercises, tourist centers, and other legitimate means”.


Legal status

501(c)(3) Tax deductible public charity



Established in 2000 and is the direct descendant of the Artemis Project and Artemis Society International. They have a PO Box in Plano, TX.



  • Lunarpedia ( – An open-sourced Wiki-style database for all things Luna. It’s a great idea but a bit sparse at the moment.
  • Moon Miner Manifesto – Monthly newsletter published since 1986. That’s impressive! The website hosts an online archive of the first 25 years that are free to everyone. Members get the newest editions. There is an incredible amount of information and great ideas contained in the MMM.
  • Several other projects are listed but I am unsure if they are currently active.



$35/year – You can pay with PayPal, a credit card, or a debit card.


Membership perks

  • The Moon Miner Manifesto – Monthly newsletter.
  • Selenology – Quarterly newsletter of the American Lunar Society.
  • Join a local chapter or start your own!
  • Possibly a poster, Lunar map, and/or book – Unknown if those promotions are still available.
  • Eligible to join the NASA Credit Union – Cool, I guess.




My thoughts

Although small, the Moon Society deserves some love. Sure, the website is clunky and most of it seem abandoned. But I think that’s a symptom of too much work and not enough volunteers. The website has a TON of information and is well worth digging into.

As a new member I’ll keep this page updated as I get new information. I’ll also update it when things get done. So why not join? We can work on Lunar Homestead AND the Moon Society together. The permanent settlement of Luna isn’t going to happen all by itself.


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