Space Organizations

While not specifically Luna-focused, these space organizations are all interesting and have a metric ton of information. Some even have whole sections devoted to Lunar science, exploration, and/or settlement.


Active Non-Profit

Alliance for Space Development (

Citizens in Space (

Clear Lake Area National Space Society and Moon Society Chapter ( – Meetup

Coalition for Deep Space Exploration (

Commercial Spaceflight Federation (

Denver Space Society (

Hobby Space (

International Association of Astronomical Artists (

Mars Institute (

Mars Society (

Messaging Extraterrestrial Intelligence (

Milwaukee Space Exploration Meetup (

Minnesota Space Frontier Society (

National Space Society of Phoenix (

OASIS, the Greater Los Angeles Chapter of the National Space Society – (

One Giant Leap Foundation ( – Controls and operates “The Space Show”.

Oregon L5 Society (

Permanent (

Philadelphia Area Space Alliance (PASA) (

Planet Four (

Planetary Society (

Share Space Foundation (

Sheboygan Space Society (

Space Development Steering Committee ( – They are trying to get America’s space program back on track!

Space Foundation (

Space Frontier Foundation (

Space Renaissance International (

Space Studies Institute (

St. Louis Space Frontier (

Tau Zero Foundation ( – Working on interstellar space flight.

Tennessee Valley Interstellar Workshop ( – Working on interstellar space flight.

Tucson L5 Space Society (

Zoo Universe (


Active For-Profit

Blue Origin (

Cislunar Space Development Company (

Deep Space Industries ( – Working on the tech asteroid miners will need.

Final Frontier Design (

Integrated Space Analytics (

Masten (

Off Planet Research ( – They make regolith simulant!

Planetary Resources ( – They are working on mining asteroids..

Redworks ( – Structural 3D printing using local materials.

SpaceX (

Zero Gravity Solutions (



Inspiration Mars (bad link)

Space Access Society (

Space Settlement (


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