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The Lunar Resources page is where I’m parking all the links to websites, books, etc. that contain information about Luna that I either use regularly or need to look at. Individual resources (like papers) that I have actually used are linked at the bottom of the relevant article.


These are the resources I’ll be constantly referring to because they have so much useful information.

Lunar Sourcebook ( – The first place I look for Lunar information.

Handbook of Lunar Materials ( – Another great resource for Lunar geology.

Geologic History of the Moon ( – THE resource for how Lunar geological (selenological) features formed.

A Global Lunar Landing Site Study to Provide the Scientific Context for Exploration of the Moon ( – Lots of good information about what we know, and don’t know, about Luna.

Space Resources: Vol 3 Materials ( – This book is my new best friend when it comes to moving and processing Lunar regolith.

The Lunar Regolith ( – A nice little document with lots of information on….wait for it….Lunar regolith.

Lunar Stratigraphy and Sedimentology ( – A little old (1976) but full of information that is still relevant.

Extraterrestrial Materials Processing and Construction ( – This book is awesome. So much good information. This will be my go-to book when I get to phase 4 and 5.

International Deep Space Standards ( – Standardizing spacecraft equipment is GOOD idea and at the core of Lunar Homesteading. It’s good to see some progress being made.



Lunar samples

NASA Curation: Lunar ( – Everything NASA has on the Lunar samples they collected.

Handbook of Lunar Soils (

The Lunar Sample Compendium (

Lunar Sample Database (

Lunar and Planetary Institute – Lunar Samples ( – Contains much of the same information as NASA Curation: Lunar

A LOT of old papers regarding Apollo samples – (


Lunar images, data sets, and maps

NASA Image Gallery (

Lunar and Planetary Institute -Lunar Images (

Lunar map catalog (

Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter Camera (

Lunar Web Mapping Application (

Map-a-planet Explorer: Moon (

Moon Zoo crater data ( – I don’t know how useful this data will be but I hate the idea of duplicating someone else’s effort.


Selenology resources

Lunar Surface: Dust Dynamics and Regolith Mechanics ( – I’m going to be referring to this paper a lot when I get to moving and using regolith. It also has a potentially useful section on regolith simulants.

Iron Isotope and the Origin of Nanophase Iron in Lunar Regolith (

The Lunar Dust Problem: From Liability to Asset (

Space weathering simulations through controlled growth of iron nanoparticles on olivine ( – Might be useful when I make regolith simulants.

The nature of the meteoritic components of Apollo 16 soil, as inferred from correlations of iron, cobalt, iridium, and gold with nickel [ABSTRACT ONLY] (….92..447K)

Unique properties of lunar impact glass: Nanophase metallic Fe synthesis [ABSTRACT ONLY] (

Origins and size distribution of metallic iron particles in the lunar regolith (…11.1697M) – Good info.


Lunar in-situ resource utilization resources

Report of the in-situ resources utilization workshop ( – This report has some interesting general ideas but few details.

In-Situ Resource Utilization (ISRU) Capability Roadmap Final Report May 19, 2005 – A good primer on ISRU and why it’s critical to space (and Lunar) settlement. Lots of good info.

Dual Use Technologies for Self-Sufficient Settlements: From the Ground Up ( – Great ideas for turning waste into resources.

Magnetic Beneficiation of Lunar Soils (


Lunar Homestead construction resources

Guidelines for Developing Spacecraft Structural Requirements; A Thermal and Environmental Perspective (

Structural Design of a Lunar Habitat (


Lunar base and settlement resources

Lunar Bases and Space Activities of the 21st Century (

Conceptual Design of a Lunar Colony ( – This thing is a tome! What it lacks in depth it makes up for in breadth. Lots of good info here.

Lunar Exploration Analysis Group (2017) “Back to the Moon: Report of the 2017 Workshop” – Sounds great! Let’s make it happen NOW.

The Lunar Exploration Roadmap: Exploring the Moon in the 21st Century: Themes, Goals, Objectives, Investigations, and Priorities. 2016 Version 1.3 ( – A roadmap for NASA but still interesting. This report shows just how much we still don’t know.

The Scientific Context for Exploration of the Moon ( – Another NASA plan but still a good read even if it’s a little dated.

Design of a Lunar Colony (

Space Resources (NASA SP-509) (1992)(overview)(

Space Settlements: A Design Study (


Lunar exploration history resources

To a Rocky Moon: A Geologist’s History of Lunar Exploration (

NASA Apollo Lunar Surface Journal ( – A comprehensive record of Lunar surface operations. Transcripts, commentary, and more.

Working on the Moon: Lessons from Apollo ( – A spin off of the NASA Apollo Lunar Surface Journal


External sites with Lunar information

National Space Society – Space Settlements (

Lunarpedia ( – Maintained by the Moon Society. Not bad for a small, volunteer-run operation.

Lunar Settlement Index ( – Maintained by the WayPaver Foundation. Pretty empty at the moment.

Lunar and Planetary Institute – Lunar Science and Exploration – [New website](

Lunar and Planetary Institute – Lunar Science and Exploration – [Old website](


Lunar and Planetary Institute – Publications (

Lunar and Planetary Institute -Strategies (

Lunar and Planetary Institute – USGS Reports (

Lunar Exploration Analysis Group Reports (

SSI Conference Archives (

In-Situ Resource Utilization (ISRU): A Graduate Seminar (

Space Manufacturing 1983 ([ABSTRACTS ONLY]

Advanced Automation for Space Missions (

Space Resources and Space Settlements (

Using the resources of the Moon to create a permanent, cislunar space faring system (

Anthony, J. Colozza, Wayne A. Wong, “Evaluation of a Stirling Solar Dynamic System for Lunar Oxygen Production”, NASA/TM — 2006-214360 , Lunar Oxygen

Microwave Sintering of Lunar Soil: Properties, Theory, and Practice (

Simulant development and use

Status of Lunar regolith simulants


Links to pages with more papers to find

Lunar Sourcebook references ( – A LOT of papers and books on Lunar science.

CLSE Landing Site Survey references ( – 40 pages of papers and books on Lunar science.



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