The Resources section is where I collect links to resources I use often and stuff I need to look at. Resources I’ve referenced in articles are linked at the bottom of the page. Hopefully you’ll find some useful information here.

This particular page has all of my “GO-TO” resources; the places that I am constantly returning to. That way I don’t have to hunt for them.

Please email me if you would like your organization added to a resource page or if you think I missed an important site.


Organizations I’ve joined

The Moon Society ( – I’m a member. You should think about joining if you’re interested in seeing humans living on Luna in your lifetime. I’ve written a short review.

National Space Society (


Space causes

Worried about the U.S. space program? Think it’s going in the wrong direction? Listen to this podcast and then sign the petition to cancel the SLS, Orion, and LOP-G programs. We can do amazing things if we can unshackle ourselves from these wasteful and damaging programs. Podcast (   Petition (


News sources

Space News ( (

Space Calendar (

Space Flight Insider Launch Calendar ( – Don’t want to miss an important launch!

Space Ref – Moon (

Moon Daily (

Space Flight Insider (

Universe Today (

NOAA Space Weather Prediction Center (

The Space Review ( (

Lunar Enterprise Daily ( – Not very detailed but it’s good for a quick scan.

Mars News (


Lunar Independent Scientists

I’m the only one I know of so far.


Lunar Resources

Lunarpedia ( – Maintained by the Moon Society.


Lunar organizations


Space Independent Scientists

I’m still looking.


Things I like

Wanderers ( – A very cool video that still inspires me.



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