Cast Basalt Pressure Hull Research Project

Cast Basalt Pressure Hull Research ProjectThe Cast Basalt Pressure Hull Research Project’s goal is to determine if cast basalt can be used as the pressure hull material for Lunar Homestead habitats. We need your help.


Basalt is the primary component of Lunar maria. The pace of Homestead construction will be greatly increased if we can use this basalt to construct pressure hulls instead of having to use Lunar iron (see previous project).  Additionally, we’re going to be melting mare basalt to extract iron and oxygen (and other resources). Being able to turn the remaining basalt (after extracting resources) into pressure hull components will save time and energy. If cast basalt turns out to be a poor candidate then we’ll have to start up the iron pressure hull research and/or aluminum pressure hull research.



Cast Lunar basalt is a suitable construction material for Lunar Homestead pressure hulls.



Each sub-project will attempt to answer a specific question.

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