LH Survival Guide

Lunar Homesteader's Survival Guide

I’m putting this project on hold right now. I had too much going on and not enough progress on anything. I’m going t focus on the research right now. I’ll circle back to the Survival Guide once I have that running how I want. – March 28, 2019


The Lunar Homesteader’s Survival Guide will be the first book written by me, Ben Smith. The idea is to present Lunar Homesteading concepts to the general public. I had originally thought to make the book read as if it was a guide for new Homesteaders (like Welcome to Moonbase). However, there are so many things we don’t know that it would essentially be a work of fiction.

The goal is to have readers understand:

  • The concept of Lunar Homesteading
  • The dangers and challenges of living permanently on the Moon
  • The advantages of making a life on the Lunar frontier
  • The qualities Homesteaders will need
  • The technology needed to survive (what we have and what still needs to be researched)
  • That they can help make the dream of permanent human Lunar settlements a reality



This is a rough draft of the outline for Lunar Homesteader’s Survival Guide: How to Permanently Thrive on the Moon. I’ll be updating it as I figure stuff out.

  1. Front Matter (Roman numeral page numbers)
    1. Cover (still thinking about what I want)
    2. Welcome Homesteader!
    3. Full Title page
    4. Copyright page
    5. Dedication
    6. Table of Contents
    7. Acknowledgements
    8. Foreword (if possible)
    9. Preface (explain the goal of the book)
    10. Introduction (what the reader can expect to find and what’s important for them to know)
      1. How to use this guide
  2. Lunar Homesteading
    1. What is Lunar Homesteading?
    2. Individual and small groups vs corp/govt
    3. Homestead rules
    4. Join us!
  3. The Lunar Frontier
    1. Frontiers are rough
    2. Frontiers are dangerous
    3. Frontiers are necessary
    4. Why live on the Lunar Frontier?
      1. Challenges
      2. Freedom
      3. Opportunities
      4. Part of history/Do something significant
  4. Physical threats
    1. Vacuum
      1. First thing everyone thinks about.
    2. Radiation
      1. Solar
      2. Ultraviolet
      3. Solar wind
      4. Flares
      5. Cosmic
    3. Temperature extremes
      1. Also caused by the sun
    4. Night span
      1. Energy storage
      2. High/low energy activities
    5. Lunar dust
      1. Health hazard
      2. Abrasive
      3. Electrostatic
    6. 1/6 gravity
    7. Moonquakes
    8. One Standard Lunar Atmosphere
    9. Scarce critical resources
      1. Nitrogen
      2. Hydrogen
      3. Carbon
  5. Psychological threats
    1. Homesteader mindset
      1. Few conveniences
      2. Low tech
    2. Isolation
      1. Electronic communication
        1. Time delay
        2. Reliability
      2. Physical contact
      3. Distance from friends and family
    3. Confined space
    4. Constant danger
      1. Outdoors is dangerous
      2. Lack of medical facilities and care
        1. Simple injuries or infections could lead to death
    5. Black sky
    6. Subterranean
    7. Alien/unfamiliar
      1. Food
      2. Environment
    8. One way
    9. Minimal green
    10. Nightspan (already mentioned but cover it differently)
    11. Physical exertion
  6. Why live on Luna?
  7. Energy solutions
    1. Homesteads die without constant energy supply
    2. That’s why energy comes first.
    3. Dayspan – Nightspan
    4. High/Low energy cycles
    5. Human power
    6. Solar power
      1. Sun is a nuclear fusion reactor located at a safe distance that we don’t need to maintain
    7. Nuclear power
      1. RTG
      2. Fission
      3. Fusion – Still not a reality
  8. Resource extraction solutions
    1. All Homesteads are mines
    2. SPORE vs traditional extraction
    3. Selenology 101
    4. Iron
      1. Habitat fabrication
      2. Tool fabrication
    5. Oxygen
      1. Life support
      2. SPORE operations
      3. Industrial processes
    6. Water
      1. Life support
      2. Psychological support
    7. Volatiles
      1. Hydrogen
      2. Nitrogen
      3. Carbon
    8. Calcium
    9. Aluminum
    10. Titanium
    11. Thorium
  9. Shelter solutions
    1. Pressurized habitats
    2. Partial pressure shelter
    3. Unpressurized shelter
  10. Air solutions
  11. Water solutions
  12. Food solutions
  13. Health solutions
  14. Waste solutions
  15. Transportation solutions
  16. Homestead security solutions
    1. Not worried about alien invasions
    2. Humans, however, are a concern
    3. Better to have several ways to defend your home and not need them than need them and not have them
    4. No police
  17. Financial Solutions
    1. Lunar Homesteaders need money
    2. Expenses
    3. Ways to reduce expenses
    4. Income ideas
      1. H3
      2. Telescopes
      3. Telecommuting
      4. Services
      5. Resource extraction and processing
      6. Orbital construction
      7. Lunar construction
        1. Bases, outposts, Homesteads
      8. Entertainment
        1. Tourism
        2. Sports
        3. Media
    5. Maintaining a positive import-export balance
  18. Final thoughts
  19. End page
    1. LH website
    2. Pay for book
    3. Leave feedback
  20. Resources
  21. Index


I’m also considering starting a Kickstarter (or similar) campaign to help me fund the creation of this book. I’ll post links here if that happens.

Let me know what you think. Is there something you would like me to include in the book? Comments and suggestions are welcome.

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