Join the LH Crew

Join the LH Crew!

Excited about permanent Lunar (and space) settlement? Want to get actively involved? You’re in the right place.

Ongoing monthly financial  support is critical to the success of Lunar Homestead. Being able to count on money coming in each month means I can spend less time fundraising and more time on research. And on working with you to make our vision a reality.

So join the Lunar Homestead Crew and make a difference! YOU have skills and talents that we need. The only way something like permanent Lunar settlement will happen is if enough people come together to make it happen.

P.S. – I’m not a 501(c)3 organization so no tax deduction is possible. But who deducts small donations anyway?


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****Join the Lunar Homestead Crew through Patreon****

When you join the LH Crew through Patreon you are eligible to receive various rewards depending on which tier you joined. These are my way of saying “Thank You”!

Patreon is the primary Lunar Homestead membership processor. I like Patreon because they have an established community, their system is simple to use, and their fees are reasonable (a simple 5%). Plus, it’s free to create a Patreon account.

YOU are making permanent Lunar (and elsewhere) settlements possible.

Tier Levels

  • Lunar Homestead Patron ($2 per month) – A great level if you want to get involved but aren’t sure if you’re interested in research.
    • Exclusive Discord channels (with regular meetings) – Crew Chat, LH Discussion, and other channels as they become needed. Join the community!
    • A copy of the LH Research Manual e-book. Now you can start researching Lunar settlement tech! (You’ll receive updated versions as long as your membership is current.)(This book is being written but chapter 1 is finished.)
    • Weekly Update Patreon post. What’s going on at LH, links to relevant news articles, and links to anything else I’ve found over the week that might help with Lunar Homestead research.
    • Access to the general LH Patreon posts.
    • My gratitude and the gratitude of future Lunar Homesteaders.
    • A warm fuzzy feeling knowing that you helped make Lunar settlements a reality!
  • Lunar Homestead Researcher ($5 per month) –  A great level if you want to support LH and work on LH-created research projects.
    • Exclusive Discord channels (with regular meetings) – LH Researcher Chat, project channels (each project gets it’s own channel), and other channels as they become needed. Support and conduct LH research.
    • Access to  LH Researcher Patreon posts.
    • And everything from the previous funding levels!
  • Lunar Homestead Scientist ($10 per month) – A great level if you want to conduct research that hasn’t been covered by LH yet. Or if you’re simply excited about space settlement research and really want to help.
    • Exclusive Discord channels (with regular meetings) – LH Scientist Chat (Science is best when it’s a team effort) and other channels as they become needed. Conduct your own research. Get help from LH and the LH community.
    • A unique Discord channel for your project (visible at the Researcher level). Let’s get other people to help you with your research project!
    • A page for your project on the Lunar Homestead website.
    • Help with your research project. That’s what LH is all about!
    • And everything from the previous funding levels!
  • Lunar Homestead Pathfinder ($25 per month) – A great level if you want to actively participate in defining what Lunar Homesteading is. Also great if you’re a business looking to sponsor real space settlement research.
    • Exclusive Discord channel (with regular meetings) –  LH Strategy Room. Contribute your knowledge and enthusiasm to making permanent Lunar settlements possible.
    • Your name, logo/image of your choice, quote, and link on the “Sponsors” page of the LH website.
    • Once a month one random Crew Member, at this level or higher, will get their name (or favorite quote) on a Stickman graphic used on the LH website. 
    • And everything from the previous funding levels!
  • Lunar Homestead Pioneer ($50 per month) – I threw this one in just in case someone REALLY wanted to support LH and had money burning a hole in their pocket. 
    • I had some good benefit ideas for patrons at this level. But they would all require time to fulfill. Time that could be used to conduct research, create research projects, and help others conduct research. I’d rather focus on our mission.
    • No existing exclusive Discord channel but I’d be happy to create one if you wanted it.
    • Let me know if there is a particular benefit you would like have at this level. Reasonable requests will be deliberated.
    • And everything from the previous funding levels!

Please use the PayPal link below if you would like to sponsor LH with a different amount or with a single payment (instead of monthly). Or just email me at and we’ll figure out what will work best for you. You may end up missing out on the Patreon benefits however.


PayPal Acceptance Mark

**** Join the Lunar Homestead Crew through PayPal ****

When you click on the link above you will be sent to a donation page. There is a box you can click to make it a monthly payment.

PayPal is my other choice for payment processors. The problem with using PayPal  is that you won’t get any of the “rewards” offered when you use Patreon. Most of the rewards are automated and it would take me a lot of time to manually include PayPal subscribers. PayPal is great if you don’t care about the perks or want to support Lunar Homestead at a different level.

  • It’s free to send money. You don’t have to pay any fees on your monthly financial support of Lunar Homestead.
  • You can pay from your PayPal account or directly with any credit card.
    • You can link a credit card or a bank account to your existing PayPal account. The monthly payment will be pulled automatically from whatever source you choose (PayPal balance, credit card, or checking account).
    • You’ll be asked to create an account if you’re paying by credit card. It’s a pain, I know. But PayPal requires it because you’ll be making a recurring payment. All you have to do is fill out the field for an email and create a password. They’ll create the account, link it to the credit card, and you’re on your way. It’s rather painless.
  • PayPal is as safe and secure as online transactions get.
  • You can Unsubscribe from monthly donations here if you really want to. You’re going to make a Lunar Homestead Scientist cry though.
  • It’s only costs me 2.9% + $0.30 per transaction. That seems reasonable to me.

Thank you so much for your support!

P.S. – I’ve tried very hard to get the PayPal buttons to work properly. They have resisted my best HTML-fu. Therefore, I have been reduced to using text links instead of buttons. Maybe someone with more skills could help me out!


Other platforms to provide monthly financial support for Lunar Homestead

These are not the only games in town. I’m currently looking into also using the following companies:

I’d love to hear from you if you have had any experience with these companies. Or if you have any ideas or suggestions.

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