Lunar Organizations

This post is simply going to be a list of organizations whose purpose is to study Luna or to return there. For-profit companies will have their own list. I’ll add organizations as I find them. Let me know if there is one I should add.

Organizations I support
  • The Moon Society ( – Currently I’m a member and the Membership Coordinator. We’re a small group with big ideas. And we could use your enthusiasm. I also wrote a post a long time ago.
  • Moon Village Association ( – An international effort to figure out how to construct a Lunar settlement.
  • Lunar Exploration Analysis Group ( – LEAG assists NASA in it’s Lunar exploration objectives. I joined because it’s free but I don’t know how involved LH will be with them.


Still active


Government organizations

National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) (



European Space Agency (

  • Lunar Exploration ( – Lots of great information!



Roscosmos (



China National Space Administration ( – Responsible for space policy. The link is for the English version of their website.

China Aerospace Science and Technology Corporation ( – Responsible for executing state policy. State-owned and main contractor for Chinese space operations.


Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency (



Indian Space Research Organization (


Seems inactive
  • The American Lunar Society ( – I wrote a small post a while ago on ALS.
  • Artemis Project ( – This was the “ancestor” of the Moon Society.
  • Moon Base Clavius ( – A site dedicated to debunking the Moon landing conspiracies.
  • Free Luna ( – An old blog on Lunar colonization.
  • Lunar Domes Atlas GLR group – ( – An inactive blog with some great pictures.
  • Lunar Mission One ( – Archived January 2019. It’s unclear what they are doing now.
  • The Luna Project (
  • Lunar Reclamation Society (
  • The Lunar Resource Company (bad link)
  • Lunar X-Prize ( – Great idea but the contest ended before any contestant could win. Now it’s looking for an new sponsor.
  • The Moon Blog ( – Seems inactive but worth a look.
  • Moon Zoo ( – Moon Zoo was a project to study the lunar surface in unprecedented detail, by asking volunteers to identify craters and boulders in millions of images from NASA’s Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter (LRO).
  • Open Luna ( – I guess they were going to create their own Lunar settlement.
  • Space Future ( – Another dead site.
  • Trans Lunar Research ( –
  • WayPaver Foundation ( – I also wrote a small post on WayPaver.



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