Lunar Companies

This post is simply going to be a list of organizations whose purpose is to study Luna or to return there. Other organizations will have their own list. I’ll add organizations as I find them. Let me know if there is one I should add.

Still active
  • Astrobotic ( – Sells space on their Lunar landers.
  • Draper ( – They are involved in NASA’s return to Luna.
  • Intuitive Machines ( – They’ve been picked by NASA to start landing equipment on Luna.
  • ISpace (
  • Lunar Resources (
  • Masten ( – Building Lunar landers.
  • Moon Express (
  • Off Planet Research ( – They’re making and selling Lunar regolith simulants.
  • Orbit Beyond ( – A Lunar transportation company working on landers.
  • PTScientists ( – Working on a Lunar ISRU mission!
  • Shackleton Energy ( – They’re working on using Lunar water to make rocket fuel. An idea I’ve very much against. Lunar water should be used for settlements exclusively. There just isn’t enough of it to waste.
  • Space Angels ( – Invest in space companies.
  • SpaceIL ( – The first private Lunar lander! Unfortunately it crashed. Their next mission may be to a different location.
  • Space Mining Technologies ( – Looks like a new company focusing on mining ice from the Lunar surface.


Seems inactive


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